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Jesse Martin

messenger internship & Caleb Mobile Director

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About Jesse:

Born in Aurora, IL and raised in Tennessee, Jesse realized his leadership calling and gifting as a teenager and started his pursuit of ministry at 17 years old as he started learning under a pastor in Franklin, TN.

Jesse started his journey with Caleb Company in 2014 and since then has traveled to many different nations to pioneer, teach, and lead teams. He has continued to surround himself with Godly fathers and mentors as he continues to grow in ministry. Jesse’s longing is to see Jesus known throughout the unreached Nations of the Earth and to see day and night prayer and worship arise in the Nations. One of his main desires is to share the keys of revival found in understanding God plan and purpose for Israel and day and night prayer.

Jesse is a Lee alumni and is continuing to pursue his Biblical and Theological Studies degree through Liberty Online. He is married to the beautiful Lauren Martin who is a nurse and worship leader with a passion to also see the Nations reached with the gospel and to see Muslim women and children know of the Father’s freedom and love.

Vision Statement:

I am in love with Yeshua and I zealously desire for the darkest places to become a stage, radiating His glory, love, and fire. I am a mighty oak of righteousness with roots firmly planted through Intimacy, being a pillar of strength for the weak. I grow lovesick for my lover Christ Jesus and I will give my life to hasten his return. I am made as a lover of His presence and I am passionate for the nations.

I am called to raise up an army of consecrated leaders. I will go first to the Jews then the nations. For all my days I will join in Christ’s Intercession, Reach the unreached, and love the unloved. I will lead With strategic ways to sustain revival and establishing His Kingdom, with the foundations of Israel, unity, and unceasing prayer. I am zealous to awaken the fullness of the Gentiles with the Israel Key for the end-time harvest. Like Caleb bringing the good report of God’s perspective. Filling their oil-lamps with Intimacy and understanding of what is to come. I will not forsake the first love and will operate out of a place of shabbat.

May I change the world for the lover who changed mine, may what I do in the life time echo in eternity.

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