Giving a Bright Palestinian Girl a Future

Giving a Bright Palestinian Girl a Future

I was hiding in the back seat of a taxi with Palestinian Authority police circling us. I knew that we had no rights or protection as we were in the depths of the Palestinian Authority in a city with a Hamas governor. I was in Nablus—or in Hebrew, Shechem. We were dropped off at the back of an apartment with no lights on. This family had been heavily persecuted ever since they put their faith in Jesus. Their whole family was Muslim. They knew no other believers except my Palestinian evangelist friend who brought me to their home to pray for them.

The husband, Abdalluh, had a case of depression from losing his business and the hopelessness facing his family of five. He had two sons and a daughter along with his wife, Sana. She was angry at God. She didn’t believe a good God would allow such hardship. As I prayed for them, the Holy Spirit began to pour out hope and God’s presence filled this dim, dark living room. I glanced up and saw little Amina, a 12-year-old beautiful little girl hiding behind a curtain, curious of what was happening as we prayed. As if on cue, Sana, blurted out, “I don’t know what will happen to my daughter! She is helpless and has no future.” We ended the prayers and following that encounter, Caleb Company sent a significant financial gift to be hand delivered by our friend to this family.

It was five years later that God spoke to us to be proactive in giving Israel Aid to all of those in Israel. We had been giving to Holocaust survivors, new Jewish immigrants, and to needy Messianic believers for years. However, we had not consistently given to Palestinians in need. As we investigated who to give to the Lord told me to trust our Palestinian evangelist friend to help direct our giving.

He mentioned a young lady that had applied for university and attained extremely high marks on her entrance exam but had no money because her family was so poor. We prayed as a leadership team and sensed the Lord’s leading to commit to pay for her university tuition for all four years. This was a commitment that we had never done and it stretched our faith as we didn’t have the funds to pay for even one year’s tuition.

I met the mother and daughter at a cafe in the Palestinian territory. I arrived early and sat there eagerly anticipating meeting this young lady. Without an education, she would have had to marry the first Muslim man that could care for her—most likely a man quite older than her—and she would have been required to please and serve him in any way he wanted. It was such a joy knowing that we were able to empower her to get a college degree which would give her freedom and strength and dignity in her culture and give her a status of respect.

As the mother walked up to my table, I thought I recognized her. Her daughter was striking with a big smile and glowing face. The mother looked straight in my eyes and I knew I had met her before. She said, “Tod, do you remember me? This is my daughter that you prayed for five years ago.” I couldn’t help the tears begin streaming down my face. This was little Amina. God was using us to answer our prayers five years previously to provide for this family and to give Amina a blessed future.

We hand delivered her college tuition every year for four years. She received Jesus. She grew in confidence and identity. She ended up graduating with honors.

Please help us give to more Amina’s as we bless Jews and Arabs in Israel in the powerful name of Jesus!

Thank you.

Blessing Holocaust Survivors

Blessing Holocaust Survivors

Staring into the face of Boris, I could see years of pain and perseverance revealing his survival of four concentration camps. This was my first time sitting for over an hour with an interpreter hearing the story of one man’s survival. He was ninety years old. Tears kept coming spontaneously as I looked beneath the dynamic story and began to focus on God’s love for Boris and on this man’s heart that still carried so much pain and anger. In one of the concentration camps, the German soldiers were suspicious of men in his barracks trying to escape. It was the dead of winter with two feet of snow on the ground. The soldiers forced Boris and a dozen others to strip down naked and run in the snow around the barracks for several hours in the freezing cold. If any of them slipped and fell, they were shot instantly. Boris described how they mocked him and would throw snow at his face each time he ran past them. At the end of our time together, he went to stand up from the sunken-in couch. I reached out to help him up. He stiffened up and with astonishing strength and determination pushed himself up and stood as upright as his ninety-year-old frame could muster. My heart broke with a love for Boris and the other 100 holocaust survivors in Ashdod that I had the privilege to share my testimony with.

From that point on, Caleb Company began focusing the majority of “Israel Aid” to blessing the 300 holocaust survivors in Ashdod, Israel. Over the past five years, we have been able to provide them with food, blankets, heaters and other practical supplies. When we asked if there was anything else we could do, they responded that what would bless them the most is to help them to publish their stories in Hebrew and English so that what they went through would never be forgotten. Most Holocaust survivors hold tightly the message of “never forget.” This past October we visited them again. The leaders of their community know us well and ran up to us to kiss our cheeks. We have been blessed to be a blessing. This year, Caleb Company gave over $7,000 to translate and publish the stories of 500 Holocaust survivors into both Hebrew and English. Our God so loves and cherishes these men and women who have survived horrors unspeakable. As the majority are ninety years and older, there remains a limited number of years left to continue to bless and share the love of Jesus with them. We are so privileged and honored to be His hands and feet in manifesting that love to them. Thank you for your investment into Caleb Company as we pour it out to them.