From a small town in Gaza, Amir fled for his life after coming to know Jesus as His Messiah. His family rejected him, society cast him off, and many sought to end his life after leaving Islam. Not only did Amir reject the Islamic faith, but he became like a modern-day Paul in Gaza—a bold evangelist for Jesus. For over four years, Caleb Company has had the privilege of sowing into this radical Arab evangelist whose heart is to see both Jew and Arab come to the realization of their Messiah, Jesus.

Today, Amir lives in Israel with his family after a supernatural escape from Gaza. While he longs to reach his people in his hometown, he is faithfully ministering in Israel and is seeing abundant fruit as both Orthodox Rabbis and Muslim Sheiks are accepting Jesus as their Messiah! Amir is a testimony of the goodness and faithfulness of God to redeem the lost, to break down dividing walls of hostility, and to bring revival to the Middle East. It is incredible to think that we are only seeing the first fruits of what is to come.

Thank you for sowing into Caleb Company as we are able to sow into men and women who are changing lives and catalyzing revival in the Middle East.